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Thursday, February 04, 2010


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I think it sounds very interesting and it has put to bed many of the prejudices I had about self publishing - it being vanity press, badly written rubbish that they couldn't get published elsewhere. (sorry, but that's what I thought it was).

I really love the print on demand aspect, from a green point of view as well.

Personally, I still see the traditional publisher route as the one to try for first, (perhaps this is because it is so deeply ingrained in us but also because I don't have the resources, contacts or knowledge to promote a book...maybe this is something we could learn more about in a future post?) but would consider this and/or ebooks as a route to go down if the traditional ways failed.

Thank you for an interesting post June.


Seems very good advice. I might add that if you have your "masterpiece" already in the can, consider not self-publishing it. Even if it never sells a unit, the chances of a mainstream publisher picking it up after that are vastly diminished. A strategy to consider is cutting your teeth in the self-publishing world with other titles and keep refining "the one."

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