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Sunday, January 31, 2010


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Helen Buckley


As a suspected sufferer of Cyclothymia still fighting to get a medical diagnosis, I appauld you for coming out and speaking about mental health.


I just wanted to add my words of admiration and respect for Janine for her awesome achievement. I know from personal expereince how frigthening and debilitating mental illness can be and how important and useful her work will be by those who have not found the courage to speak out and who still cower in shame that the part of their body that happens to have got ill is their brain.


I'm gobsmacked and found that utterly gripping left wanting to read more.
Well done Janine for fighting and coming out on top AND throwing light onto such an unknown and frequently misunderstood subject.


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Jane Alexander

So very thrilled to see this here. Janine is a superb writer and a truly fabulous human being. When I first read My Kind of Crazy I sobbed my heart out but also laughed out loud. I love her attitude and one of these fine days I am going to darn well meet her as she is one of the most inspiring writers I know.
HUGE thanks to Judith's Room for printing this...and huge thanks to Linda for facilitating it.
Also, please remember that Janine still needs an agent and My Kind of Crazy still needs a mainstream publisher. If you have any contacts - please PLEASE point them in the right direction.

Janine Crowley Haynes

Thank you all for your wonderful comments! They truly mean a lot to me to not only as a writer but as an advocate for mental health issues.

Although, I reside in the US, mental illness has no borders. We need to shed a global light on this issue.

Wishing you all peace of mind.

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